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Looking for homemade chocolate gift ideas? Want artisanal chocolate goodness that captures the essence of chefmanship and is made 100% in-house using premium natural ingredients and exclusive recipes? Appreciate modern luxury? Enjoy discovering that special something that awakens all five senses? Keen to celebrate daily moments and make occasions and events even more memorable? Crave the convenience of ordering online and having chocolate gifts delivered straight to your door anywhere in Lebanon, KSA, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK?

Types of Gift Boxes

Chocolate gifts are not just a trendsetting display of unique box design and a rainbow of incredible flavors and delectable fillings at Patchi. They are spectacular experiences that invite adventure, start conversations, and create bonds between people. Patchi’s gift boxes have it all. Gifts for all season and for all reasons. Gifts for the ones you love. Gifts as special treats to yourself or for daily enjoyment. And each type of gift box has its own personality and tells a story. Let the characters shine and stories begin…

Patchi Chocolate gift box

These 10 ideas for chocolate gift boxes are just for you. Express your generosity and share a distinct chocolate worlds experience with family, friends, and work colleagues.

Make Memories with Gourmet Chocolate Gift Boxes

Being a gourmet is a state of mind. A state of being. It’s a sign you recognize the finer things in life and have elevated senses that notice real quality. And the wide selection of Gourmet Chocolate Gift Boxes at Patchi weaves a tale of sheer epicurean enjoyment from the rustle of the wrapping to the cornucopia of flavours melting into a delightful symphony of satisfaction. Each different box is a memory of good times, sweet aromas, tantalized tastebuds, and collective exchanges.

Enter the World of Innovative Chocolate Packaging Design Trends

Be bold. Be different. And showcase it to the world by choosing gifts with innovative chocolate box packaging design that sets trends. Patchi’s chocolate packaging design is recognized for being outstanding and ahead of the curve. This creative narrative is a fairytale of colours, lines, patterns, motifs, and themes. It’s a succession of chapters that is always evolving. Changing with each season, event, and occasion. Never the same. Expect the unexpected as there’s always pleasant surprises and something new. It’s a world of contemporary design inspired by the past, present, and future.

Truffles Gift Box

Lovers of smooth yet intense creamy chocolate flavours look no further. Patchi’s Truffle Gift Box is pure temptation in a unique chocolate box design. It’s a timeless legend of simple extravagance. Forever appealing. Forever nostalgic. And yet forever young.

Awaken the Senses with Gourmet Snack Box

The scent of wonderful aromas. The feel of rich textures. The excited whisper of unwrapping the chocolate box packaging. The tasty burst of premium chocolate in diverse flavours and with different fillings. The visual thrill of gorgeous design and vibrant colours. Patchi’s Gourmet Snack Box choices are for people who don’t want to settle for the ordinary and understand that each moment can be extraordinary. It’s a climax that awakens the senses and reveals how every day is worth celebrating.

Pick a Luxury Chocolate Gift Box with Personality

Luxury is a lasting impression. A statement that welcomes an elevated sense of gratification. It’s something personal to you that reflects your identity. Fancy wooden boxes, leather boxes, or other types of luxury chocolate gift boxes? Prefer timeless flavours that mirror your classical sensitivity? Or innovative creations that echo your passion for modern style and travel? The vast range lets you create a narrative that reflects your character and taste. It’s time to explore lavish chocolate gift boxes Melbourne and everywhere else in the world with Patchi.

Be Original with Signature Chocolates Gift Basket Online

Don’t be like everyone else. Be you. Uncover a unique sensory experience with Patchi’s iconic medium sized signature boxes and go big with a signature gift basket packed with premium chocolates. It’s a festival of chocolate gift boxes for birthday and other occasions. A script that’s signature Patchi and signature you.

Enjoy the Smooth Temptation of Milk Chocolate Truffle Collection Boxes

You can’t say no. You can’t resist. Milk chocolate heaven awaits with Patchi’s Milk Chocolate Truffle Collection boxes. Hunting down the perfect no-fuss luxury gift box was never easier.

Go Nuts with Crunchy Chocolate Spread Boxes

There are times when it’s good to be totally nutty. So spread the love. Spread the happiness. Give a gift that transforms breakfast and afternoon snack time into expressions of crunchy chocolate madness. Turn normal bread into a decadent dessert by topping it with Patchi’s chocolate spread. Or simply indulge of spoons full of pleasure.

Patchi Chocolate Spread Boxes

Feel at Home with Home Collection Boxes

Welcome home to gifts that leave a lasting impression. Patchi’s At Home Collection boxes are the perfect union of premium chocolate and a useful home accessory such as serving cups, espresso cups, or teacups. Its two gifts in one. A gift that can be enjoyed in the moment and another that becomes part of your home for years. The perfect choice for people who like to host guests from Patchi (your finest chocolate host).

Indulge in Deluxe Boxes of Chocolates

Feeling a bit more adventurous and want extra pizzaz? Pick Deluxe. Take gift giving to new heights with the peak of chocolate opulence: Patchi’s deluxe boxes. This is luxury redefined in a modern way. It’s all about the sight, smell, sound, taste, and feel. The saviour-faire. The heritage. The chefmanship. The creativity and innovation. And of course the premium chocolate and stunning design.

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