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Excellent Cake Ideas That Will Go Down A Treat

When someone you love has an upcoming birthday, an excellent way to show how much you care is getting them a custom-made cake. You can choose from many designs, and you will want to select something that the person you love likes. You can choose something related to sports, cars, animals, and almost anything else you can think of, and some of the cake designers can do jaw-dropping designs. Below are some of the various ideas for cakes you can consider ensuring you get something suitable for the person you love that will look fantastic and taste divine.

A Bottle Of Their Favourite Drink

If the person you are buying the cake for has a favourite tipple, you can surprise them by getting a realistic 3D bottle cake of their preferred drink. Some designs are so lifelike that they may think you have bought them a bottle of their favourite beverage. There are many designs that you can consider, including:

  • Moet Champagne
  • Cristal Champagne
  • Bells Whisky
  • Jack Daniels
  • Prosecco
  • Gordons Gin
  • Courvoisier Cognac

Whatever their favourite drink is, you can create a cake to replicate the bottle and give them something they will enjoy for their birthday. To top it off, you can buy an actual bottle of the drink as well.

A Cake Design Of Their Favourite Car

If the person you are getting the cake for is a bit of a petrol head, you may want to get a cake made in the form of their favourite car. A skilled cake designer can make almost anything you want and make it look realistic. Sone of the various types of vehicles you can select include:

  • A Lamborghini
  • A Ferrari
  • A VW Camper
  • A Ford Mustang
  • A Mercedes
  • An Aston Martin
  • Porsche

To add to the surprise, you can also get them a track day in their favourite sports car that will match the cake you have had made for them. You can even wind them up and joke with them that you have got their favourite car as a present for their birthday.

A Movie Or TV Inspired Cake

You can also consider getting them a cake design inspired by their favourite TV show or movie. No matter what their favourite is, you can choose from many different TV shows and movies, and a reputable cake designer can come up with ideas for you to help design something suitable. Whatever their preferred choice is, you can have a lot of fun creating this type of cake, and it will be something they love to look at and eat!

A Favourite Animal Or Pet

Another excellent idea for a custom-made cake is to design their favourite animal or even their pet. You will need to get a suitable picture of the pet for the cake designer, and they can then work their magic. They can create something that looks realistic and almost too good to eat that they will enjoy a lot when presented to them. Whether it is a dog, cat, horse, bird, goldfish, or anything else, it is an excellent way to celebrate their birthday and is something they will not forget for a long time.

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