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What Are the World’s Favourite Sauces to Add to A Burger?

We all love a good burger, whether it’s a classic hamburger, a tasty chicken burger, or one of the various vegetarian burgers we consume them with like nothing else. One leading fast-food chain (you all know who I am talking about) estimates that they sell over five hundred and fifty million hamburgers annually in the United States alone: that’s a lot of burgers. The majority of burgers we eat will also have some sort of accompanying sauce, and in this short piece, we will look at some of the favourites, with information on everything from the origin of Mayonnaise to the Sriracha sauce calories.

The World’s Favourite Sauces

There are a small number of favourite burger sauces we all know and love; they sit in our cupboards and await the next chance to liven up your burger treat. They are also the choice for many burger restaurants as a finishing touch to their burger recipes; they include the following –

  • Tomato Ketchup – made from tomatoes, vinegar, and seasonings, this favourite was introduced in the mid-1850s in the USA and emerged as a household favourite in the early 20th
  • Mayonnaise – a mixture of oil, egg yolk and vinegar is of French origin and is the perfect accompaniment to many recipes, including salad, burgers, and sandwiches. It has evolved, with many countries having their own special type of Mayonnaise.
  • Barbeque Sauce – originally from the United States, the actual definitive answer on its origins is somewhat murky, but this mixture of seasonings, tomato paste, and vinegar is now a firm favourite all around the world. It is particularly good with chicken or when used as a marinade.

Also Great on A Burger

There are many other sauces around the world that are added to make that tasty burger complete. In the UK, they favour a brown sauce with a fruity taste on burgers, with cooked breakfasts and as an addition to recipes such as Cottage pie. Sriracha sauce is a hot chilli sauce of Thai origin which has been found to be particularly popular in the USA, where it is sometimes called Rooster sauce. This low-calorie, spicy condiment is great in soups, with seafood, or to give a powerful kick to your favourite burger.

There are many great sauces that go well on a burger; sweet chilli is a personal favourite of mine, while Chipotle or Peri Peri are just two more that could take your burger to the next level. Give one of them a try today.

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